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Install PUNKCHit App And Get A Chance to Win Paytm Cash Upto Rs 500

As simple as the title sounds !

Get a chance to win paytm cash up to Rs 500 for installing this PUNKCHit app on your android mobile phone !

Win Paytm Cash

Info about the last date and number of winners has not been mentioned anywhere. So be quick to grab the opportunity.

How To Take Part And Win Paytm Cash ?

* Visit google playstore from your mobile phone and install this app. Click here for a direct link to it.

* Open the app and sign up by providing email, name etc

* Now visit the Facebook post of the app at https://www.facebook.com/punkchit01092016/posts/1467223946736666

* Post the email that you used for singing up in the comments

That’s it you will now stand a chance to win Paytm Cash ! There are absolutely no other conditions.

Though number winners has not been mentioned the Facebook post does use the term ‘winners’. So, definitely there must be multiple winners.

What Is PUNKCHit App ?

This is an app that suggests/locates nearby Tyre puncture shops at your current location ! You can visit that shop or call the service guy and get your problem fixed.

Locating puncture shop through an app ? What is the need of such app ?

You may know the puncture shops around the place you live but when you are traveling ?! The situation may arise to any one. Imagine you are traveling on a highway and your tyre got flat. This app will be handy in those situations. Using the app you can call puncture guy for help and get your puncture fixed.

PUNKCHit Android App

PUNKCHit app currently covers almost all locations in Delhi and Noida.

You also have an option to add a shop.

Watch Videos Win Rs 5,000 Paytm Cash – Mumbai Bhagat

Answer the quiz which is based on the videos to win Rs 5,000 Paytm Cash !

Apart from the above grand prize 5 lucky winners to win Rs 50 Paytm cash every week !

This is coming to you from the blog Mumbai Bhagat !

How To Participate In Mumbai Bhagat Quiz ?

* Visit the Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChbKLx_479scGEVZ9zKWXwA

* Subscribe to that channel

* Watch the videos

* Visit Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mumbaibhagats/

* Share the videos through Facebook page

* Visit the google doc form https://goo.gl/aUGKMi and answer the questions given there

Answer Quiz

The questions in the quiz are based on those videos. So you can answer them questions only if you watch the videos.

Every week five lucky winners will get Rs 50 Paytm Cash !

Complete all the above steps and the quiz. Get a chance to win Rs 5,000 paytm cash.

Hurry up ! December 15, 2017 is the last date.

Keep watching that page for funny videos and more such competitions.

If you have any questions or concerns contact the admins.

Win Paytm Cash Of Rs 111 – Indyeah

#ContestAlert A1201

Indyeah Contest

Total three winners – Each winner will get a Paytm cash of Rs 111.

Participate in the simple contest of Facebook liking and review and win cash prizes.

This contest is coming to you from the Facebook page Indyeah !

How To Take Part In Indyeah Contest ?

* Visit https://www.facebook.com/IndyeahCom/photos/a.149148315224271.31702.148652935273809/995514590587635/

* Tag your Facebook friends in the comments section

* Spread the below template every where on the Facebook.

Join #Indyeah! for fun, Best Humour, knowledge, Jugaads, News,¬† Videos and a lot more…
 Click the link below and have fun.


* Now review the Indyeah Facebook page

* Share screen shots of all the above three steps via inbox

Ten members who follow the above steps and get maximum participation will be shortlisted for a live poll. Of which the top three users who get maximum votes will be declared winners and each winner will get a Paytm cash of Rs 111.

You can get your friends, colleagues and relatives to vote for you in the live poll.

Note :

* You need to share all the screenshots in the inbox only.

* One has to like Indyeah Facebook before he/she could vote

* Tag as many of your Facebook friends as possible in the comments box

Visit the Indyeah Facebook page for other terms and conditions.

Still have questions or concerns ? Contact the page admins through their inbox.