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Win Amazon Gift Vouchers Daily By Playing Simple Game – Tetra Pak India

Play simple game online.

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Rs 7000 Amazon Gift Voucher – One winner every week

Tetra Pak India Contest

This is coming to you from Tetra Pak India. This contest started on 4th January 2018. There will be one winner every day till 14th February 2018. There will be one winner every week as well. That means there will be 6 weekly winners.

Like the previous contest Win Smartphone, SuperCash In Spot MobiKwik Contest you need to be a user of either Twitter or Facebook to participate in this game also.

How To Participate In Tetra Pak India Contest ?

* If you are a Facebook user visit this page and like it

* If you are a Twitter user visit this page and follow it

* Now visit the Tetra Pak India website https://safeforsure.in/

* Click ‘Play To Win’ from the left menu

* Click Start Game button in the next page

* Read the instructions and how to play the three games

* Click Start Game button

* It will ask you to sign in – You can sign in using Google plus or Facebook

* Complete the games and take a screen shot ( an example of one of the users has been given below )

* Now visit Tetra Pak India Twitter or Facebook page mentioned above

* Go to the contest post and post your screenshot along with the hashtag – #SafeforSure


Please note

You need to complete all the three games on the web site safeforsure.in

The user who successfully completes all three games in least amount of time will be declared as the winner of the day. Similarly the weekly winner too will be declared.

Your prize will be dispatched to you within 2 weeks from the date of announcement of win in case you are a winner.

You can contact the admins through DM if you have any questions or issues in this regard.

What is Tetra Pak India ?

It is a leading food processing and packaging solutions company. It says the milk packed in a tetra pack is very much safe for consumption. To take this message into the people this ‘Safe for Sure’ game is launched.

Win Amazon Gift Vouchers & Paytm Cash Every Sunday From Bored Panther

Participate in the Treasure Hunt contest every Sunday and win Paytm Cash, Amazon Gift Vouchers !

Entertainment channel Bored Panther conducts this treasure hunt every Sunday on its Facebook page and Twitter handles. You can take part in it, have fun and win prizes too.

You need to be a user of Facebook or Twitter in order to participate in the Treasure Hunt.

Bored Panther Contest

How To Participate In Bored Panther Treasure Hunt ?

* Visit the Facebook page of Bored Panther https://www.facebook.com/boredpanther/

* Like the page

* Visit the page on Sunday evening

* You may have to RSVP to confirm your participation

* Share the image containing the riddle

* You can find answer to that riddle on http://boredpanther.com website

* Take a screenshot of the article

* Post your screenshot in the comments section of the riddle

* Use the hashtag #BoredPanther along with your answer

Please note

Your share should be in public mode.

You can take participate in the contest on Twitter as well at https://twitter.com/bored_panther

Wondering what Treasure hunt is and what will be the riddles like ? Take a look at the below pic. This was one of the riddles this week. Post your answer in the comments section there it self. Do not know the answer ? Nothing to worry. The best part of this contest is, answers can be found on its own website. So, if you are a regular reader of Bored Panther website you can easily find the answers to the given riddles.

Treasure Hunt
So get ready and take part in this fun contest and win Paytm cash and Amazon Gift Vouchers. Good luck.

Contact the admins if you have any questions.

Results will be declared the following day usually.