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Win Paytm Cash Of Rs 111 – Indyeah

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Indyeah Contest

Total three winners – Each winner will get a Paytm cash of Rs 111.

Participate in the simple contest of Facebook liking and review and win cash prizes.

This contest is coming to you from the Facebook page Indyeah !

How To Take Part In Indyeah Contest ?

* Visit https://www.facebook.com/IndyeahCom/photos/a.149148315224271.31702.148652935273809/995514590587635/

* Tag your Facebook friends in the comments section

* Spread the below template every where on the Facebook.

Join #Indyeah! for fun, Best Humour, knowledge, Jugaads, News,¬† Videos and a lot more…
 Click the link below and have fun.


* Now review the Indyeah Facebook page

* Share screen shots of all the above three steps via inbox

Ten members who follow the above steps and get maximum participation will be shortlisted for a live poll. Of which the top three users who get maximum votes will be declared winners and each winner will get a Paytm cash of Rs 111.

You can get your friends, colleagues and relatives to vote for you in the live poll.

Note :

* You need to share all the screenshots in the inbox only.

* One has to like Indyeah Facebook before he/she could vote

* Tag as many of your Facebook friends as possible in the comments box

Visit the Indyeah Facebook page for other terms and conditions.

Still have questions or concerns ? Contact the page admins through their inbox.