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Rs 110 Free Talktime From Gaana.com

Apart from listening to your favourite music you also have a chanceĀ  earn free talktime worth Rs 110 from the music portal Gaana.com. All you have to do is, install gaana app and invite your friends to download the same and earn cool Rs 110 free talktime on your mobile phone. Gaana app is available for both Android and IOS..

How To Get Rs 110 Free Talktime

Click here to install Gaana app from google play store. Sign up using your facebook account. You will get a talktime coupon worth Rs 10 as a joining bonus. You can find your Talktime coupon(s) under the ‘Gaana Rewards’ section on your Gaana app.

gaana free talktime

You can earn remaining Rs 100 free talktime by inviting your friends to install gaana app. Your invited friend/relative needs to

1. Install Gaana app (android/iphone)
2. He/She has to enter your referral code on the app login screen ( not sure if anyone really cares to do this… )
3. Login using facebook credentials ( like the way you did )

Each such successful installation ( must complete all the above 3 steps) would fetch you Rs 20 talktime coupon. You can earn a maximum of Rs 100 free talktime from your referals ( do not understand why gaana kept such a limit ). For each successful invite, you would be given free talktime coupon worth Rs 20. You will receive the coupon(s) through email. You can also check your coupons on your Gaana app.

You can use these coupon codes on the Paytm android/iphone app to recharge your prepaid mobile. In case you are a post paid mobile subscriber you can use these coupon codes to pay your mobile bill.

What Is Gaana Btw ?

Gaana.com is a free streaming music website. It also provides licensed music. It provides international as well as Indian music content. Music from 21 languages is available. You can access all these through your Gaana mobile app.

You can listen to songs, create playlists, view play lists created by others and do many more things on Gaana. Paid members of Gaana can download their favourite songs.

So, enjoy your favourite Free Music & Free Talktime from Gaana.