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Rs 75 Free Paytm Cash Offer From Closeup Toothpaste

Closeup has now come up with Free Paytm Cash offer to its users.

Closeup Toothpaste Paytm Cash Offer

Regular users of this blog must remember that Closeup has given free talktime offer to its users in the year 2016.

As you get paytm cash this time on purchase of Closeup Toothpaste you can use the amount in your wallet for mobile recharge, dth recharge, shopping or ticket booking and many other things as there are wide range of choices available to you.

You can get Rs 25 in the form of paytm cash when you purchase Closeup toothpaste.

How To Get Paytm Cash  ?

*  Purchase a Closeup Toothpaste pack

* Find the  Coupon code on the pack

* Visit https://paytm.com/closeup from your web browser

Enter Your Unique Coupon Code

* Enter your unique coupon code and click ‘Proceed’

* Sign into your Paytm wallet account

Rs 25 will be added to your wallet within 24 hours. It will be instantaneous in most of the cases.

Make sure you purchase closeup pack with paytm cash offer clearly mentioned on it. It may be available with out this offer also. So check for it before actually purchasing it.

You need to use this code before 31 st  December 2017.

You can use a unique code only once.

You can avail this offer thrice from your account. So purchase three toothpaste packs and thus you can make Rs 75 from this cool offer. You can make even more if your family members too have their Paytm accounts. :)

In case of any queries or if you face any difficulties contact paytm customer care.

There have been several other such cashback offers  earlier. Some of them are still valid too.

Rs 75 Paytm cashback on Daawat Devaaya Atta , Kitkat , Set Wet gel , Hide & Seek , iD Fresh Food,  Bigbasket , Snickers , Pediasure , McVitie’sCornetto ice cream , Stayfree DrymaxNescafe Classic .


Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash – Paytm Cornetto Offer

One more Free Paytm Cash offer !

Paytm Cornetto Offer

This time the offer is from delicious Cornetto Ice Cream ! You enjoy your favourite ice cream and you would get Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash for it. Irresistible ? Isn’t it ?

Now read on before rushing to your nearest store.

This is a sure Rs 20 offer and you do not need to fill any surveys or there will be any lucky draws. You would be given Rs 20 Paytm cash for free with every Cornetto ice cream you buy.

This Offer is brought to you by Hindustan Unilever Ltd ( Kwality Walls Cornetto ) in association with Paytm.com website.

To participate in the offer

Buy Cornetto ice cream that has this Paytm cash offer printed on it. Cornetto ice cream is available with out this offer also. So, check before you buy.

Now find out the unique code printed on the lid of the ice cream pack.

Now visit https://paytm.com/cornetto .

Cornetto free paytm cash Offer

Enter your code.

Select the Cornetto flavour you like the most.

After completing these two steps click ‘Proceed’.

If you are new to Paytm.com sign up for an account because you need to login to access your paytm wallet where you money Rs 20 is deposited. Sign in if you already have account.

You will then have Rs 20 in your wallet ! You will get an SMS confirmation too.

Now you can use the paytm cash to recharge your mobile phone or DTH or data card. If you need recharge for bigger amount you can pay the balance amount through credit card or net banking.

Or you can buy any product available on Paytm.com store. You can find thousands of products to shop on.

You can keep the money in your wallet as long as you wish. There is no expiry date.

Please note that the Cornetto Paytm offer will end on 31st August 2016. So, use your unique Cornetto code before that date.

You can use this offer two times only. That means you can get Rs 40 from Cornetto Free Paytm Cash offer even if you have more than two valid unique codes from Cornetto ice cream.