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Offer From Paytm – Free Mobile Recharge For A Year

100% cashback on your mobile recharge !

This offer is coming direct from Paytm itself.

Free Mobile Recharge For A Year

* You can use this for a maximum of 12 times within one year.

* Maximum cashback in each mobile recharge is Rs 400.

How To Earn Free Mobile Recharge For A Year From Paytm ?

* To be eligible for this offer you need to purchase a Two Wheeler from paytm.

* Its value must be minimum Rs 50,000.

* You also get upto Rs 5000 cashback on Two Wheeler along with the free mobile recharge.

* You need to place your order on or beforeĀ  5th September 2017.

* You need to use promocode FREE4YEAR on your mobile recharge

* Please note this promocode will be activated only after the vehicle is delivered.

You can start receiving 100% cashback up to Rs 400 when you initiate Paytm mobile recharge for a maximum of 12 transactions soon after the delivery of your two wheeler.

This deal is valid Pan India.

Contact Paytm customer care in case you have any questions or issues in this regard.

Find the details about this deal here.

It is an 100% genuine deal as this is coming directly from Paytm.

Make Paytm Cash, Free Recharge – Paisa Bhai App

Paisa Bhai App
Complete the small tasks daily and earn paytm cash for every task !

Now Paisa Bhai app comes up with this concept.

There are several different simple and easy tasks you can perform through this app and earn.

You get a sign up bonus of Rs 25 to begin with and you have daily login bonus too !

Bid and win

How To Earn Through Paisa Bhai ?

* Visit google playstore and install this app on your mobile phone. Click here for a direct link

* Sign up for an account

* Complete sign up by entering name, mobile number, password, email

As already mentioned there are tasks you need to do to earn Free Paytm Cash.

* Sign in every day to earn 5 coins

* Try Lucky Box to earn a few coins based on your luck

* Watch given videos to earn more coins

* Bid and win – You can start bidding with as little as 10 coins. Unique higher bidder can win products like smart watch etc

* Participate in surveys from time to time

* Check the offer wall for more

* Refer And Earn – Refer your friends and family to this useful app and earn for every successful sign up using your referral code

You can redeem your earnings for paytm cash, mobile recharge. You can get it transferred to paypal account also.

Contact customer care at creativeappzone2017@gmail.com for assistance in this regard.

RozKamao – Rs 30 Free Paytm Cash Per Month For Every Day Sign In

Are you busy ? Do not have much time to spare ? Sign in once a day n earn Rs 30 Free Paytm Cash by the month end !

Yes, you are given a login bonus of Rs 1 per day. So, Rs 30 by end of the month with out any effort.

You can redeem your earnings for Free Mobile Recharge or Paytm Cash.

There are several other ways to earn from this website. Let us check all of them.


How To Earn From RozKamao Website ?

* Visit rozkamao.com from your web browser

* Sign up for an account by giving email, phone number

* Complete email verification

Your earnings are classified into 1. Monthly Earning 2. Instant Earning

You are given Rs 50 ( monthly earning ) as soon as you complete your email verification.

You can redeem your ‘Instant Earning’ as Paytm cash as soon as you have minimum Rs 10 where as with regard to ‘Monthly Earning’ you need to have minimum Rs 300 in this category.

No need to confuse much about this classification. It is done by default. Some of your earnings are given as monthly while some are given as daily earning to encourage regular participation on the website.

For example you are given Rs 8 when you take ‘midlife’ offer. That is, you need to sign up for an account with the specified website here. Out of this eight rupees Rs 3 is given to you as Instant Earning and remaining Rs 5 as Monthly Earning. Same is the case when you take other offers.

Similarly complete other offers and earn. Keep signing in every day to earn login bonus as well as to find new offers.

Refer And Earn : You can also invite your friends to sign up with RozKamao website and earn for every successful sign up. Go to invite tab after sign up and find your referral code. Your friends have to click that link and sign up. Then only you will get referral code.

Still have any questions or issues ? Visit ‘Help’ from the menu and post your issue.

You need to have minimum Rs 10 in your account to get Free Mobile Recharge.

You can also redeem your earnings to any wallet along with Paytm.