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Rs 50 Cashback On Amazon Mobile Recharge

Amazon cashback on mobile recharge is back !

Go to Amazon.in. Get your mobile recharged. Get flat Rs 50 as a cashback !

This is as simple as it sounds. No conditions attached.

Amazon Mobile Recharge

Readers of MyTalktime.in blog are already aware of similar offer couple of weeks ago.

This offer is valid only for a short period ( from October 9, 2017 to October 13, 2017 ) of time. So, hurry up and avail it.

How To Earn Rs 50 On Mobile Recharge ?

* Visit https://www.amazon.in/hfc/mobileRecharge

* Enter your details

* Purchase mobile recharge

* Complete your payment through ‘Amazon Pay balance

You will now get mobile recharge instantly. You will also get Rs 50 cashback.

Please note

* This offer is valid only if this is your first mobile recharge at Amazon.in

* Your payment must be through Amazon Pay balance

* Minimum recharge must be above Rs 100

* Recharge should be done during the above mentioned period

Rs 20 Cashback Offer

Are you not eligible for the above order ? You have already got mobile recharge from Amazon ? Nothing to worry. You have another cashback offer. You can get up to Rs 300 cashback from this offer !

* Visit https://www.amazon.in/hfc/mobileRecharge

* Place your order for mobile recharge and make payment through Amazon Pay balance

You will now get Rs 20 cashback !

You can get up to 20% or Rs 20 cashback on your Amazon mobile recharge service.

This offer is valid from October 9, 2017 to November 30, 2017.

Rs 20 is the maximum cashback you can get from this offer. You can avail this offer on your future recharges also before November 30, 2017 and thus earn up to Rs 300 cashback.

Next time better luck for the Airtel users as Amazon currently does not support recharge for Airtel mobile subscribers.

You will get your cashback within seven days of your recharge. Contact the customer care in case of an issue.

Amazon Prepaid Recharge Gives You Up To Rs 50 Cashback

Yup ! You read it right !

Amazon now provides mobile recharge.

You can get Data packs, full talktime plans, top ups, special recharges from the ecom giant Amazon.

If you are a prepaid mobile subscriber you can simply log in to amazon website and do the required recharge for yourself. You do not need app for it. You can do the recharge through its web site also.

Amazon Prepaid Recharge

Airtel is not supported currently. All the other operators and all the circles in India are supported.

How To Earn Cashback On Mobile Recharge ?

* Visit https://www.amazon.in/hfc/mobileRecharge from your web browser

* Enter your ten digit mobile number

* Select operator

* Specify if it is a special recharge or top up

* Enter amount

Click ‘View Plans’ to check the available plans if requied.

Now Click ‘Pay’, login and complete the payment through Amazon balance, netbanking or through debit/credit card. You can make part payment from your amazon balance and rest by any other method.

You get your recharge instantly and your cashback will be credited to your account in ten days.

You can recharge any prepaid mobile number – it can be your number or your friend or family member.

You need an account with Amazon.in to complete your recharge.

This offer is valid only on your first recharge.

You can check your recharge status from the ‘Orders’ section in your account.

Still have questions ? Check https://www.amazon.in/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=202159280 for FAQs in this regard.

Get A Cashback Of Rs 25 On Prepaid Mobile Recharge / DTH Recharge – Mera iMobile App

Mera iMobile App is from ICICI Bank.

So this offer must be 100% genuine and you can go ahead and take advantage of it.

25 Pe 25 Offer

You can get a cashback of Rs 25 when you do your Prepaid Mobile Recharge or DTH Recharge through your Mera iMobile App.

On a recharge of Rs 25 you would get a cashback of Rs 25 on it ! That means Rs 25 Free Recharge !

How To Get Free Mobile / DTH Recharge ?

* Visit google playstore and install this app on your mobile phone. Click here for a direct link

* Go through registration process and complete it

You can mow start using the app and recharge your mobile or dth.

How To Recharge Prepaid Mobile ?

* Go to  ‘Mobile Recharge & Bill Payment’

* Go to ‘Mobile and other Recharge’

* Go to ‘Mobile’

* Enter your mobile number & recharge amount

* Submit

Please note you need to recharge for minimum Rs 25.

How To Recharge Your DTH ?

* Go to  ‘Mobile Recharge & Bill Payment’

* Go to ‘Mobile and other Recharge’

* Click ‘DTH’

* Enter subscriber number & recharge amount

* Submit

In this case of DTH also you need to recharge for minimum Rs 25.

This offer is valid till July 31, 2017.

This offer is valid on your first transaction of prepaid mobile or DTH recharge.

Maximum cashback you can get from this offer is Rs 25.

Your cashback will be credited in 15 working days to the savings bank account linked to your Mera iMobile.

Enjoy your ’25 Pe 25’ offer from ICICI .

Through this mobile app you can apply for  Kisan Credit Card, Gold Loan, Tractor Loan and loan for Self Help Group. These features will be very useful particularly to the rural banking customers.

Mera iMobile App

Mera iMobile is the first mobile app which is available in 12 Languages.

You can check balance in your bank account, view & email detailed statement.

You can do fund transfer, bill payments, make credit card payment and many other.

You have the facility of doing the basic bank transactions through SMS even when you are not connected to the internet.

Weather forecast, Rural news, Crop Advisory, Mandi Prices – such agricultural advisory services can be accessed through this app.

You can open FDs & RDs.

Such a useful banking app for ICICI customers. Go for it !