100 MB Free Data For Vodafone Subscribers

Vodafone free data

Second largest mobile operator in India, Vodafone is giving away 100 MB Free Data as a Diwali gift to its customers. All the 18.8 crore subscribers of Vodafone can avail this special offer on Diwali day ! That is Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

There are no ifs and buts. There are no conditions. If you are a Vodafone subscriber you will get this special offer. All you have to do is send an SMS ‘DIWALI’ to 199. This is the only thing you need to do in order to avail this 100 MB Free Data offer.

So, you can send your Diwali e-messages and Diwali e-greetings on the day of Diwali for free.

As per Sunil Sood – Managing Director and CEO of Vodafone India, this is a way of saying thanks to Vodafones valued subscribers for their love and trust in the brand.

And that is not end of the good news. Vodafone is planning to announce more such surprises in the days to come.

Rs 156 – Free Recharge / Free Cashback / Free Britannia Bourbon Biscuits

We tested this. It works !

paytm free cashback

Britannia Bourbon Biscuits brought this fantastic offer.

Crazy…unbelievable…Whatever you may call it. This is a fabulous offer from Paytm & Britannia. You get as much cashback amount as you spend on your Britannia Bourbon Biscuits. !! Sounds  crazy but true. Yes, when you buy Rs 10 Britannia Bourbon Biscuits packet you would get Rs 10 Paytm cash ! You would get Rs 26 cashback when you buy Rs 26 Britannia Bourbon Biscuits packet.  Same amount of cashback !

That means you are getting your favourite Britannia Bourbon Biscuits absolutely FREE. Or else you can say you are getting your mobile recharge / DTH recharge / cashback for free in addition to the yummy bourbun biscuits.

You can use this cash to recharge your mobile phone or do shopping and many more. Read on for details !

How To Get This Offer ?

Buy any Britannia Bourbon Biscuits packet of Rs 10 or 26 which has this Paytm offer printed on it. Check before buying. Old stocks do not come with this offer.

You will find a code inside the pack

Now visit https://paytm.com/ . If you are a new user create an account with Paytm.com & login.

Go to https://paytm.com/britanniabourbon page

Enter the code which is printed on your biscuit packet and click PROCEED

paytm cash code

You will now find your cash added in your paytm wallet.

paytm free recharge

What Can You Do With This Paytm Cash ?

You can use this cash to recharge your mobile phone for free. Or you can recharge your DTH. You can do shopping on paytm. You can pay your postpaid mobile bill. You can pay your landline bill. You can pay your electricity or gas bills.  Or even you can keep the money in your paytm wallet for a later use.

Please note that this offer is valid till 15th Dec, 2015.

Also note that you can use a maximum of 6 codes. So, go for Rs 26 biscuit packets to get maximum benefit from this offer. That means you can get paytm cashback of Rs 156 from this  Britannia Bourbon Biscuits offer.

Free Data Packs For Using Apps – Gigato

Gigato android app

Gigato provides opportunity to earn free mobile data packs. Sorry, post paid users. This works only for prepaid mobile subscribers. Gigato supports all mobile operators in all  the circles. So, whoever may be your operator and whatever circle you may be in, you can take advantage of this Gigato free data pack offer.

How To Get A Free Data Pack ?

Getting free data is simple.

  • Download Gigato Android App.
  • Open the Gigato App
  • Fill the form with your mobile number, operator & circle to register
  • Now complete the promotions
  • Earn specified free data for using apps
  • More data for installing suggested apps

The above are the steps involved in getting the free data. Below is a detailed process.

When you open the Gigato app you see two sections. My Apps & New Apps.

Gigato free data pack

‘My Apps’ show the apps ( you already have those apps on your mobile) with Gigato promotions. ‘New Apps’  provides new useful app suggestions that have Gigato promotions

For example, right now one of the Gigato promotions available on my android mobile is that of Whatsapp – That is,  consume 25 MB on Whatsapp and you would be given 25 MB data for FREE. That means you will be using your favourite app Whatsapp and getting free data for using it. That’s a great offer. Isn’t it ?!

The data you earn, would be pooled up and displayed in a ‘circle’. See below image for a better idea. Once you reach the set ‘goal’ , your phone number will be recharged with your free data pack worth the same amount. It may take up to 4 hours to get your pack recharged.

Gigato free data offer


You should be using ‘these apps’ on your 2G or 3G data. You would get your free data only when you use your ‘mobile data’ but not your wifi. It is fine to use your wifi to install the Gigato. But you need to switch to your mobile data to avail the Gigato free data pack offer. Gigato app finds if you are on wifi or mobile data. So, you will be
considered for free data only when mobile data is used.

Please make a note that Gigato currently allows only one recharge in 24 hours. Hope this will change in future.

To find out more about the app go through Gigato FAQs at – http://www.gigato.co/faq/ .

Still have questions ? You can contact Gigato support at support@gigato.co

Happy Recharging !