Take Daily Quiz From Konversations Win Paytm Cash

Again a daily quiz contest to participate in and win paytm cash !

We posted about a daily quiz contest yesterday and here is one more similar contest to earn paytm cash.

Win Paytm Cash

Win big by answering a question daily.

This contest is from Konversations !

How To Take Part In Konversations Daily Quiz ?

This quiz is conducted on the facebook page of Konversations. So you do not require an app specially on your mobile phone but you do need to have a Facebook account to participate in the quiz. So sign up for an account if you are not yet on Facebook.

* Sign into your Facebook account

* Visit https://www.facebook.com/konversation/

* Quiz starts every day at 6 pm on that page

* Go to the ‘quiz post’

* Send your answer as a DM ( direct message ) to the admin

* Send your answer in the format –  <Date Answer> e.g “31st Dec Lion”

KonversationsAbove was the question asked recently.

Payouts are made as Paytm cash weekly to the winners Paytm wallet.

When no one gives correct answer the prize amount will be rolled to the next day.

Be the quickest to send in your answer. The user who sends the answer first will be the winner.

Check the quiz on right time because time is also a factor in winning here.

You can find names of the winners and answers to the previously asked questions on that Facebook page itself.

What Is Konversations ?

Konversations.com provides a learning platform for the unemployed youth. The job seeker can find application oriented courses on it and learn skills that matter for the job.

It offers courses like Consumer Market Research For Beginners, Social Media Marketing For Beginners etc.

Konversations is from the same makers of InsideIIM.com

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