Win Paytm Cash In Valentine’s Day Contest

We are into the month of February ! February comes after January. It is very usual. What is so exciting in it ? Reaction of many. Wow we are now into the Valentine’s month  Profile picture of ! Is that your reaction ?! Then certainly this post is for you.

You can now take part in the Valentine’s day blog contest and win Rs 500 Paytm Cash !

Sounds exciting ? Read on for details.

This contest is coming from the website

Valentine’s Day Contest

How To Take Part In The Valentine’s Day Blog Contest ?

* Visit

* Sign up for an account giving your email and other details

* Alternatively you can sign in with your Facebook or Google plus

* Now write what your idea of what a perfect Valentine’s day is

* Submit your idea as a blog post after sigining in


* Describe your idea about your day in 400 to 500 words

* You should add the word ‘Contest’ in the title of your blog post

* You need to submit your entry/blog post by 6th February, 2018

The winner of the contest will win Rs 500 Paytm cash and his/her blog post will be showcased as ‘Star Blog’ on Bonobology.

Visit for more details in this regard.

What is Bonobology ?

Bonobology is a website about relationships. It is completely dedicated only to that subject. You can share  anything and everything about your romantic relationships on it. You can find interviews,  real life stories on this subject. You can also seek advice from like minded people. Experts counseling is also available. You can check its Facebook page of over one lakh followers.

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