Get A Paytm Cashback Of Rs 50 On BHIM UPI Transaction

Using BHIM UPI you can send and receive digital payments with a UPI address linked to a bank account. You can also make payments to online as well as offline merchants that accept BHIM UPI as a payment mode.

Full form of BHIM is Bharat Interface for Money.

It has now come up with Paytm cashback offer to its new users. As the title says your first transaction can get you cashback of Rs 50 !

Get Cashback

You need to have a Paytm account to avail this offer. If you are new to Paytm, sign up first for an account. You also need to be a resident of India and aged above 18 years.

How To Earn Cashback On UPI Transaction ?

* Install and open your Paytm app

* Register for UPI on Paytm app

* Add your bank account to your UPI address

* Complete verification when you get OTP

* Send Rs 50 to any of your friend’s UPI address

That’s it. You will now get Rs 50 Paytm cashback in 48 hours !

Please note

* You will need to complete your first transaction (sending money) on the same day you create a new UPI address with Paytm

* You need to send minimum Rs 50

* This offer is going to end on 3rd January 2018

* As already mentioned cashback will be given if it your first UPI transaction

More About UPI

A UPI address or VPA ( Virtual Payment Address ) is unique identifier which you create in order to accept/receive or send money. You need to map it against your bank account. You can share your UPI address like ( xyz@paytm ) and receive payments from any one. Any money sent to this address will be be added to your account. So you do not have to share your long numerical bank account details to any one !

To authenticating your UPI transactions you need to set a 4 or 6 digit UPI pin. Your PIN will be validated by your bank.

Your Paytm BHIM UPI Profile or your UPI address or VPA on Paytm will be created when you initiate registration for UPI as mentioned in the above steps through your Paytm app.

Follow the below steps to add your bank account to your UPI address.

Add Bank Account

Most importantly how to send money ?

* Open your Paytm app

* Go to ‘BHIM UPI’ on homescreen

* Now you need to tap on ‘Send Money’ icon

* Enter UPI address of the person you want to send money to

* Enter amount

* Enter your UPI PIN

* Confirm your payment

Similarly you can request for money from any one. If some one sends you payment request you can confirm and make the payment or you can simply decline if you want to.

You can send up to Rs one lakh in a single transaction.

You can also send money to some one to his/her Aadhaar number.

You can find more info about the transactions at .

What is BHIM App ?

You can make online/digital cashless payments when you have this app on your mobile phone ! This app was developed in December 2016 based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) by the National Payments Corporation of India. It is already a very popular digital payments app with over one crore android users alone.

We posted about BHIM App refer and earn sometime ago.

Earn Paytm Cash Through OneAD Lockscreen App

Here is a lockscreen app ! You can earn Paytm Cash by having it on your mobile phone.

OneAD Lockscreen App provides referral program which goes down to several levels. That means you can earn referral rewards even when some joins under your referrals !

How To Earn Through OneAD App ?

* Visit google playstore and install the app on your smart mobile. Click here for a direct link

* Sign up by giving basic details like name etc

* Verify your mobile phone number when you get OTP

You can now start using the app to earn Paytm cash.

Now open the app and start referring your friends, family members, relatives etc. You will get paid whenever some one joins using your referral code.

However your referrals need to be active users of this OneAD App. That is, they should not remove the app from their mobile phones. They need to be actively using it.

OneAD says you can earn upto 2.5 lakh rupees per month through its referral system. This calculation is based on the assumption each member refers a few more other active members. You can transfer this money to your bank account.

Refer And Earn

What Is OneAD Lockscreen App ?

It offers exclusive deals and best offers on your lock screen. So, you are never going to miss any great deal when you use this app on your mobile as it displays all useful deals right on the lockscreen. Without even opening the app you are provided info about the deals and offers as it is a lockscreen app.

You can earn as well as save when you use this app on your smart phone.

It is already a popular app with over one lakh installations only on android devices. It is currently seen in the one to five lakh range on google playstore.

Contact the customer care at if you have any questions or issues.

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VistaGain , Cash O Cart

Install PUNKCHit App And Get A Chance to Win Paytm Cash Upto Rs 500

As simple as the title sounds !

Get a chance to win paytm cash up to Rs 500 for installing this PUNKCHit app on your android mobile phone !

Win Paytm Cash

Info about the last date and number of winners has not been mentioned anywhere. So be quick to grab the opportunity.

How To Take Part And Win Paytm Cash ?

* Visit google playstore from your mobile phone and install this app. Click here for a direct link to it.

* Open the app and sign up by providing email, name etc

* Now visit the Facebook post of the app at

* Post the email that you used for singing up in the comments

That’s it you will now stand a chance to win Paytm Cash ! There are absolutely no other conditions.

Though number winners has not been mentioned the Facebook post does use the term ‘winners’. So, definitely there must be multiple winners.

What Is PUNKCHit App ?

This is an app that suggests/locates nearby Tyre puncture shops at your current location ! You can visit that shop or call the service guy and get your problem fixed.

Locating puncture shop through an app ? What is the need of such app ?

You may know the puncture shops around the place you live but when you are traveling ?! The situation may arise to any one. Imagine you are traveling on a highway and your tyre got flat. This app will be handy in those situations. Using the app you can call puncture guy for help and get your puncture fixed.

PUNKCHit Android App

PUNKCHit app currently covers almost all locations in Delhi and Noida.

You also have an option to add a shop.