Free DTH Forever – No Monthly Charges

Yes, you do not need to pay monthly or even annual charges for that matter.

There is some one who provides DTH services for absolutely FREE !

None other than apna Doordarshan is the provider of this Free DTH service. It provides the dth channels through ‘DD Free Dish‘. Apart from the TV channels you can also listen to various radio stations through this service.

Free DTH Service

There are no set up charges and there are no subscription charges either.

How To Get Free DTH Channels ?

You need a dish antenna along with LNBF, STB ( Set Top Box ) and a remote to begin with. Purchase them from local shops, get it installed by a technician.

As soon as the installation is done you can start watching the following list of television channels on your TV. ( as per the list on 26.07.2017 )

Free Channels
Following is the list of radio stations.

Radio Through DTH

More about DD Free Dish

As already mentioned DD Free Dish DTH  service is from Doordarshan. It was started in December, 2004. It currently provides 80 television channels and 40 radio stations with out charging anything. You can enjoy the free direct to home from any where in India except Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Those located in Andaman & Nicobar Islands get only ten television channels at this point of time.

You currently get Doordarshan TV channels, Private TV Channels and Radio channels of All India Radio from DD Free Dish. Number of channels will increase from time to time (as per its website).

You would require another dish and stb set up if you have another tv in your home.

In case you are moving to some other city/place you can take your equipment to that place and enjoy your free dth channels.

You can install your dish on your rooftop. If that is not possible you can set it up on the wall surface facing clear south.

Please note there are no dealers appointed by Doordarshan to sell dish and stb equipment. You can buy them from local dealer. It may cost approximately around Rs 2000 according to DD’s website.

This is only one time set up. Once you start you do not need to pay anything towards monthly or yearly charges. So, it is absolute Free DTH service.

If you are new to DTH and wondering what it is all about, a  dish antenna with a diameter 60 to 90 cm installed on roof-top along with a Set top box receives tv signals directly from a satellite. You can enjoy good quality picture and sound as the signals come directly from a very high power satellite. The number of TV channels that can be viewed ( broadcast ) is high in the case of a direct to home service. A number of interactive applications can be accessed through dth service.

There are many private dth operators in India that provide direct to home services. You need to pay monthly or annual charges (dth recharge) to receive their services.

You get absolute freedom from your annoying cable tv operator and recurring monthly charges. You can consider this free service if you are one of those who do not need so many channels.

Check the link if you need more details in this regard.

3 thoughts on “Free DTH Forever – No Monthly Charges”

  1. I live in Kolkata. I want to buy & install a dd free dth dish, but I am not receiving any contact no for it. So please you know any number please send me.

    1. Hi Soumen,

      Why do you need someones contact numbers ? You can buy dish and stb ( I see them available in some online stores) and get them installed by any local technician.

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