Win Paytm Cash Every Week From Rs 10 To Rs 50,000 – Zulka Messenger App

You heard it right ! You can win Rs 50000 Paytm Cash Prize every week !

Zulka Messenger App has brought this opportunity. It is giving away over 61,000 prizes every month !

Find its prize structure below.

1 First Prize – Rs 50,000

100 Second Prizes – Rs 500 each

250 Third Prizes – Rs 100 each

15,000 Forth Prizes – Rs 10 each

Zulka App Prizes

That means over 15,000 Paytm Cash prizes every week ! And these prizes are given for texting, video calling your friends ! Isn’t it wonderful ?

How To Earn Paytm Cash From Zulka App ?

* Visit google playstore from your mobile phone and install the app. Click here for a direct link.

* Open the app, verify your mobile number

* Fill your other details like email etc

* You now have 15 tickets on sign up

* Refer And Earn – Refer your friends and relatives to install the app using your referral. You get 20 tickets for each successful sign up and your friend gets 15 tickets

More the tickets you have more will be your chances of winning Paytm Cash.

To check the authenticity of its prize giving claims we looked at the comments section of Zulka App google playstore page.  We found the customer care guys responded to almost every comment/issue posted there. This clearly shows the care and value these guys have to their users.

If you have any issue you can contact them at / .

What Is Zulka App ?

Zulka is a Free Messenger App. Using this you can chat with your friends. You can place video calls. You can have video call with ten friends at one time. You can use this messenger on 4G/3G/2G or Wi-Fi connection.

For texting, referring your friends you get ‘tickets’ which are nothing but your chances of winning.

You can draw doodles of your imagination. You can add images, your voice, greeting cards and stickers to your chat. You are given tickets for all these actions.

Zulka Messenger App

And you can send messages, make video class to friends who are using apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

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  1. Prasad
    From 2 weeks I cannot get the money in my paytm vallet though i claimed the prize in zulka app. I cannot even get an email that the prize is added to my paytm vallet.

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