Guaranteed Free Recharge – Flikk Lock Screen App

Guaranteed minimum Free Recharge of Rs 10 every 15 days just for keeping this app on your mobile phone !

Flikk Lock Screen mobile app makes it possible !

Flikk Lock Screen App

Btw, what is a lock screen app ?

A lock screen regulates immediate access to a mobile phone by requiring user performs a certain action like using a device’s touch screen.

They can perform certain actions like fetching notifications for text/whatsapp messages and emails, display date and time etc to make your time more productive. Lock screen app can make your Android mobile look good. It is an important navigational screen using which you can go straight to features you like and use most on your  smart phone.

Now let us come back to earning Free Mobile Recharge through this lock screen app named Flikk.

* Begin by installing Flikk on your mobile phone. Click here for a direct link.

* Open the app. Enter your name, phone number and email & click ‘Accept & Get Started’

* Select your preferred language either English or Hindi.

* Verify via OTP

Flikk app displays commercials, viral content whenever you unlock your mobile phone. You get News in a short crisp format. You can Flikk it up to read more about it if you are interested or you can just slide right to unlock your mobile phone.

You get a guaranteed mobile recharge of Rs 10 for every 15 days called  ‘chota recharge’ by Flikk. You would get this free recharge for keeping this app on your mobile phone.

Flikk refer and earn

You can also earn by referring your friends and relatives to this app. When your friend installs with your referral code you would be given Rs 5. You would get another Rs 5 when that friend redeems for the first time.

You can use the amount in your wallet to  pay your mobile bill in case you are a postpaid subscriber. You can recharge your number if you are prepaid subscriber.

You can share the news, viral content you get through this app with your friends via Facebook and whatsapp.

Contact support team at in case you have any question or problem.

53 thoughts on “Guaranteed Free Recharge – Flikk Lock Screen App”

  1. are sab bakwas app hai. recharge hi nahi dete. maie 3 baar recharge kiya 24 ghante wait kiya lekin recharge nahi diya. fake

    1. Pankaj,
      We posted the information about it the app. We are not running that app or its referral program. Instead of posting your comment here contacting their customer care would help.

    1. Hi Deepu,
      Option of recharging some other number is available with many of these apps. But I am not sure in this case of Flikk as I do not have it currently on my mobile.

  2. मेरा बैलेंस 80 रुपये हो गया है ,मैं एक बार भी रिचार्ज नही किया हूँ।
    अभी 20 रुपये का रिचार्ज करना चाह रहा हूँ हो ही नही रहा है।
    बताइये कैसे रिचार्ज करूँ।

  3. मेरा बैलेंस 80 रुपये हो गया है ,मैं एक बार भी रिचार्ज नही किया हूँ।
    अभी 20 रुपये का रिचार्ज करना चाह रहा हूँ हो ही नही रहा है।
    बताइये कैसे रिचार्ज करूँ।

  4. My click app wallet balance are Rs 57 then why I am not able to do recharge Rs 10 or 20 . This shows msg.. app should be active for 15 days before recharge but I am not disabled any from flikkk. Try to resolve my query admin…

  5. मेरा बैलेंस 45 रुपये हो गया है पर रिचार्ज नही हो रहा बताओ मैं क्या करू और 20 रुपये का रिचार्ज करना चाहता हु पर रिचार्ज नही हो रहा

  6. I need to recharge any other no. But l am not getting it anyway no option to recharge on others is given what can be done about this pls reply admin

  7. I use this app for 2mont….I collect 98 RS in flick but not get any prepaid recharge so I uninstall app and re install . After reinstalled it’s show only 2 RS .why?

    1. Dosto recharge to ho jayega lekin kabhi recharge nahi ho pata to wallet me paise vapas aa jate hai
      Recharge karne ka ek time period bhi hita hai jaise 10 am -8 pm ke beech me kiye gaye recharge jaldi ho hate hai
      Agar recharge successful na ho to able din fir try karo ho jayega
      Hope this helps!

  8. But kalyan ji what is there customer care number?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Because there is no response to our continuous mails send to them………plzzzz…..

    1. Sorry to hear about your bitter experience Sudhir. We have no clue why they are not responding to the emails but they are still responding to the comments posted on their playstore listing page.

      We do not have their contact number.

  9. This is a fake app
    Mera recharge nhi ho raha hai.
    50 day se upar ho gye
    Har bar date padha deta
    Dont download this app. Ok

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