Rs 50 To Rs 1000 Free Mobile Recharge –

Chance to win Free Mobile Recharge of Rs 50 to Rs 1000 ! There are several contests to participate in and become a winner. Sponsored contests are free and any one can try his or her luck.

loot100 free recharge

How To Participate In Free Recharge Contests ?

* Visit

* Make an account & login

* Find a contest to participate in from dropdown menu ‘Quiz Level’

* Select ‘Free’ ( as the name says these are free and does not require any ‘points’ to participate)

* Choose a contest and go to the contest page by clicking ‘Enter now’

* Click ‘I Agree’ and then you will be redirected to sponsored page for registration

* Verify your email and forward it to

* Answer the question

Winner will be announced as soon as the contest period ends. If there is more than one correct entry, winner will be picked through an electronic random draw.

You need to be minimum 18 years of age to participate in the contest.

You must have a valid PAN card to claim your prize.

All these sponsored contests are ‘free’ as they are sponsored/funded by companies to promote their products or services.

There are other contests and prizes to participate at but they require ‘points’ to participate in. You may need to buy coupons in order to obtain these ‘points’ and participate in these contests. You can find more details about these non sponsored contests on the loot100 website. You can win several prizes like mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc.

Wondering what these coupons are ? You can get discounts on products at several ecom websites with these coupons.

If you have any questions contact the support guys at

Spin Wheel To Win PayTM Cash – ZapStore

You spin the wheel. You will get PayTM cash depending on where it stops !

As simple as that.

ZapStore PayTM Cash which is a product discovery social network brings this offer to you.

You need to have ‘Zapstore tokens’ in your account to spin the wheel. You can spin the wheel multiple times depending on the number of tokens you have.

First begin by creating an account with ZapStore by giving name, phone number, and email. Verify you mobile number when you get OTP.

You can earn the tokens several ways.

* You get 6 tokens when you buy products through ZapStore

* You get 3 tokens when you install ZapStore app on your mobile. Click here for a direct link to google playstore.

* Refer your friends/relatives – you would earn 2 tokens for every successful referral.

* One token for the first sign in every day to ZapStore

* One token every time when any of your friends at zapstore spins the wheel for you

* You earn two tokens when you when you spin the wheel for 10 friends in a day

* You would also get tokens by spinning the wheel

* Some tokens are hidden in product pages. You will earn these tokens simply by visiting/finding those pages

When you have tokens you can simply spin the wheel and try your luck. Spinning starts when you click on ‘Spin & Win’. You can win up to Rs  100 PayTM cash by spinning this wheel.

You can spin maximum of 10 times in a day. The tokens you earn will expire on the same day. So, use them immediately.

Reach customer care guys at in case you have any questions or complaints.

Get Free Mobile Recharge & Cash In Bank Account –

A break from the world of apps ! at least for this post. We now got a website which offers a chance to earn Free Mobile Recharge and cash through  simple refer & earn. free recharge

‘Shop at and make money’ seems to be slogan of this website. Let us see how to make Free Recharge from this website.

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge From This web site ?

* Visit and create an account

* Give Name, phone number, email and choose a password & click ‘Register’

* Click Verify (your mobile) number that is found in your dashboard

* Click ‘Profile’

* Copy your ‘Invite Key’ and share it with your friends

When any of your friend/relative signs up through your referral link you will be credited Rs 6.

Your money earned in this route will be updated in your dashboard. You can find all the details like your Earnings, Recharges you have done, your successful referrals  in your dashboard.

How To Free Recharge / Withdraw money to bank account ?

* Click on Withdraw option

* Choose how you would like to withdraw your money. You have to specify if you would like a recharge or withdraw through bank

* Click ‘Withdraw By Recharge’ if you would like to use your earnings to recharge your prepaid mobile phone

* Click ‘Credit to Bank Account’ in case you want transfer your earnings to your bank account

Note : These two options will be enabled only after you verify your phone number.

Affiliate Income : You can also earn through affiliate income. You can create your affiliate link to any product. When some one makes a purchase by clicking your link

you will be credited affiliate route. You can find your earnings reports in your dashboard. You can use this money also for recharge or withdraw it.