Earn Paytm Cash For Completing Stints / Simple Tasks

Free Paytm Cash from StintMint app ! You earn Paytm Cash for completing simple tasks called ‘stints’ like tagging items, playing easy quizzes, moderating images, typing text, tagging items etc.

stintmint paytm cash

As long as you have a cell phone, you are never without income – That is the quote from the StintMint team.

How To Use StintMint To Make Paytm Cash ?

* Install StintMint mobile app on your mobile phone. Click here for a direct link.

* Complete sign up process. You need gmail account for sign up.

* Open the app and complete the given tasks

Once you open the app you can find several tasks that would fetch you Paytm Cash.  For example, I just installed the app on my mobile and following are the tasks/stints I find right now on my mobile.

* Identify shape of apparel

* Search for products on amazon

* Write reviews about shopping websites

* Take a tour for a free credit

* Tell a bit about yourself

* Identify suitable occasions to wear given apparel

Aren’t they pretty simple ?! And, yes, you are given Paytm Cash for completing these stints correctly. There have been replies from StintMint team on google playstore page though that is not the right way of contacting them. It shows the team ‘cares’.

As discussed several times in previous posts Paytm Cash can be used for many things like Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, bill payments etc.

paytm mobile recharge

If you have any questions or issues you can contact the StintMint customer care guys through the app or at contact@stintmint.com.

Note : You can complete the stints from stintmint.com website also. Though there is only one option is provided on the app version for sign up, you can sign in with either your Facebook or google id on the website.

Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash From Snickers Chocolate

This sweet and yummy offer of Free Paytm Cash is brought to you by Snickers Chocolate ( Mars India Ltd ).

We all love chocolates. How about if you are given Rs 20 for eating a chocolate ? Sounds great ! Rush to your nearest retailer and grab your Snickers to avail this fabulous offer.

snickers free paytm cash offer

How To Get Free Paytm Cash From Snickers ?

* Buy 50 gm Snickers Chocolate Bar

* Open your pack and note the unique coupon code printed on it.

* Visit https://paytm.com/snickers

* Enter your unique code and click ‘Proceed’

* Login If you already have a Paytm account or sign up for a new account

Now you have Rs 20 in your Paytm wallet.

Note :

* Please check on the Snickers pack for the ‘Paytm offer’. Sickers bars are also available with out this offer.

* You can avail this offer thrice (maximum 3 unique codes). That is you can buy 3 Snickers bars and claim Rs 60 Paytm cash in total.

* Each unique code is valid only once.

* This offer is valid between 15th Sep 2016 to 31st Jan 2017. You can avail this offer if you have a valid code after 31st Jan 2017.

* You are given Paytm cash that you can find in your Paytm wallet. This cash can not be transferred to your bank account.

* You can use this Paytm cash for DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge, shopping on Paytm.com, postpaid bill payment etc. Readers of MyTalktime.in and Paytm.com  members are already aware of it.

* In case you are looking to buy(recharge) something which is priced more than the amount you have in wallet, you can still go ahead and make the purchase by paying the differential amount through your credit/debt card.

* You can use this Paytm cash through your Paytm app as well.

* Contact customer care guys at paytm.com/care in case you have any problem or query.

Paytm cash never expires and you can keep it as long as you wish and use it whenever you want.

Enjoy your Free Recharge with Sickers !

Free Paytm Cash, Free Mobile / DTH Recharge For Reading News- NewsWallet App

Yes, get rewarded for following your favourite news on your smart phone. This offer is being brought to you by NewsWallet App. Your rewards are Mobile Recharge,  Paytm Cash, social media campaigns etc.

news from NewsWallet App

How To Get Free Paytm Cash, Free Mobile Recharge From NewsWallet App ?

* Go to google play store and download the app. Click here for a direct link.

* Follow the registration process and fill your profile details

* Login through your Facebook account you would be given 15 points

*  Login through your Twitter account to get 10 points.

* You are now ready to go through the news

NewsWallet points

You would gain points when you

* Follow the news from any articles, blogs etc.

* Share any news item on your facebook or twitter.

* Watching videos too would get you points

* Follow, like etc through NewsWallet’s App dashboard – You would earn points when you follow some one on Twitter, liking a page on Facebook, tweet, retweet,  Visiting Web Pages etc from your NewsWallet’s App dashboard.

* Refer your friends and earn more points. Rs 5 for every successful referral & 10% of his/her/ earnings as your referral income.

You can redeem these points for Free Mobile Recharge, Free Paytm Cash, Free DTH Recharge, pay postpaid bills, cash.

You can redeem the points for your social media campaigns also. If you have a product or service to offer through your facebook/twitter account you can do so by redeeming the points you earn here. You can redeem the points for increasing followers, likes, tweets etc. Visit newswallet.co for more details.

Please note that your facebook or twitter account once attached to this app can not be changed at a later point of time. So, be alert while entering them.

* Participate in the 24X7 lucky draw and win prizes.

What is NewsWallet App ?

You can follow news you like. That is you can subscribe to the news that is of interest to you. You can enter a smart keyword like a place, source, topic, company,  people you want to follow etc. NewsWallet app will deliver you hand picked news only from these topics to you. So you would get news only of interest &  relevant to you.

relavent news

News is brought to you from more than thousand plus sources.

News will be hand picked & curated and presented in micro sized format.

You also have a search feature to find any news.

You would also get news and breaking news alerts on your mobile.

You can create Surveys,Polls,Quiz etc using the Do It Yourself (DIY) interface. You can choose respondents based on their location, gender, age etc.

Write to the customer care guys at newswalletapp@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues.