Earn Free Freecharge Cash With iD Fresh Foods

Just like Free Paytm Cash you now have the opportunity to earn Freecharge Cash.

Freecharge Cash

This offer comes from iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd. in combination with freecharge.com .

Many of you who do mobile/dth recharge online must be aware freecharge.com. For the others who do not know, this place is an online recharge website where you can recharge your mobile, dth, make utility bill payments and many other things. Your recharge at freecharge.com comes with many ‘interesting offers’ like cashbacks, coupons, discounts etc. Check their website for more details.

iD Fresh Food provides 100% natural  South Indian ready-to-cook packaged food made with fresh ingredients and without using any chemicals. You can order Idly & Dosa batter, chapati mix, Parota mix etc.
iD Fresh Foods
Now you got a chance to earn Rs 60 Freecharge Cash when you buy iD Fresh Food packs.

How To Get Free Freecharge Cash ?

Buy any pack of iD Fresh Food pack with the Freecharge Cash offer.

Find the promo code inside the iD pack you bought.

Visit https://www.freecharge.in/mobile/campaignui/idcampaign and enter ‘promo code’.

Sing in if you are a registered user of freecharge.com or make a new account if you are a new user.

You now have Freecharge cash  added to your Freecharge cash wallet.

The earned cash can be used just like ‘cash’. You can pay your utility bills (Gas, Electricity, Landline), you can recharge your prepaid mobile phone, you can pay your post-paid mobile phone bill, you can recharge your DTH, data card.

Please note

You are eligible to use a maximum of 2 voucher codes.

Offer is valid only on iD Idly Dosa batter 1 Kg, iD Malabar Parota 400g & iD Whole Wheat Parota 400g

This offer is valid till 17th August,2016. So, hurry up.

You can not transfer this amount to any one.

You need to redeem this amount within 185 days from the date of credit.

You can also download Freecharge app and complete the process of submitting the ‘promo code’ and accessing your Freecharge account.

You also need to complete the OTP ( one time password verification ) if you are a new user and signing up through Facebook, Google or Register with Email ID & Mobile  number.

If you have any questions visit http://offers.freecharge.com/FCID/ for more details or simply contact  care@freecharge.com.

Cashback And Free Mobile Recharge / Cash To Online Shoppers

If you are an online shopper this offer is very much for you. You earn rewards in the form of cashback  for the shopping you do in your favourite online shops !

zapstore free cashback

Yes, that is correct ! You do shopping in any of the website(s) you like and earn cashback that can be transferred to your bank account or you can recharge your mobile phone.

This offer is brought to you by zapstore.com .

zapstore.com is a website that provides this cashback. All you have to do is – go to your favourite online shop like amazon.in or flipkart.com or any other site by clicking those respective site links on zapstore.com.

That is, you visit your favourite shopping sites through zapstore.com and do shopping just like the way you used to do.

zapstore online shops

Steps To Earn Free Mobile Recharge From zapstore.com

Create an account (register) at zapstore.com

Login to zapstore.com website

Search for your favourite online shop you want to shop on

Click on their website link from the results that appear

Buy the product(s) and complete the payment.

That’s it.

Within 48 hours your cashback will deposited in your zapstore.com account.

How Does Zapstore.com Pay Cash ?

Most of the online shops pay commission to Zapstore.com for referring buyers to them. Since you are reaching the online shops through zapstore.com it gets paid for the sales you make and zapstore.com cuts a small amount from it and passes the rest to you.

You are not paying anything extra to buy those products. If you directly go to the online stores and make purchase you would get no cashback. If you go through zapstore you would get a cashback. Certainly its a plus for you.

You can also get rewarded when you refer your friends to zapstore. You can refer a product to your friends via social websites. When any one makes a purchase you will get cashback for the purchase. You can share a product through zapstore website or through its mobile app.

Apart from this, there is something called multiplier at zapstore.com . You will be given points for activities like referrals, comments share and buying. Whenever you perform any activity you will be credited certain activity points. Based on the number of activity points you will be given ‘Multiplier Level’ like 1.0, 1.2 etc. You will get more cashback if you have higher ‘Multiplier Lever’  as described in the below image.

zapstore.com multiplier

For example:

When a you buy a product priced 1000 Rs with a 10% cash back option, you will be given 100 Rs as cashback. But if you have a multiplier level of 1.2, you would get a cashback of Rs 120. Visit https://zapstore.com/multiplier-faq.php for more details.

Please note that the cashback may be a percentage of the purchase amount or it may be a fixed amount.

You do not need to buy any products from Zapstore.com website. Also you do not need to pay anything to join this rewards program.

The cashback you earn is initially termed ‘pending cashback’. When the return period of the product you (your referral) bought is over, you will have  ‘confirmed cashback’ in your Zapstore.com account.

When you have earned a minimum of Rs.200 as confirmed cashback, you can withdraw the money to your Indian bank account via NEFT. Or you can ask for ‘Free Mobile Recharge‘ for that amount.

When you have minimum Rs 100 confirmed cashback you can use it for mobile recharge. You need to have minimum Rs 200 to request a bank transfer.

You can keep the cashback in zapstore account as long as you want. There is no expiry.

Rs 40 Free Paytm Cash From Schmitten Luxury Chocolates

Schmitten Luxury Chocolates

Free Paytm Cash once again !

This time the offer comes from luxury chocolates brand Schmitten.

You can get as much as Rs 80 Paytm Cash for free when you buy Schmitten Luxury Chocolates.

With the world class Swiss technology Schmitten luxury dark chocolates are irresistible for any one.

Now here is an opportunity to enjoy your favourite dark chocolates and make free paytm cash too.

How To get Rs 80 Paytm Cash From Schmitten Chocolates Offer ?
Schmitten Chocolates paytm cash offer
Buy Schmitten chocolate. It should have ‘Paytm cash’ offer printed on the pack.

Now scratch the sticker pasted on the pack for unique code.

Make a note of the unique code.

Visit https://paytm.com/schmitten

Enter your code, select the pack you purchased and click ‘Proceed’ .

You need to be a registered user at paytm.com to avail this offer. If you are new sign up for an account. If you already have an account, sign in.

Congratulations ! You now have got ‘Paytm Cash’ in your Paytm wallet.

How much Paytm Cash would you get ?

It depends on the Schmitten chocolate you purchase.
Schmitten Chocolates paytm offer
When you buy 20gm Schmitten chocolate ( Rs 25 ) you would get Free Paytm Cash of Rs 10.

When you buy 35gm Schmitten chocolate ( Rs 40/45 ) you would get Free Paytm Cash of Rs 15.

When you buy 50gm Schmitten chocolate ( Rs 60/65 ) you would get Free Paytm Cash of Rs 20.

When you buy 70gm Schmitten chocolate ( Rs 80/85 ) you would get Free Paytm Cash of Rs 40.

Also you can use this offer twice or thrice ..again depending on the Schmitten chocolate you bought. Check the below table for details.
schmitten  paytm cash offer
This offer is going to end on 31st July, 2016. So, hurry up ! You can not redeem your unique code after 31st July, 2016.

You can use the cash in your Paytm wallet to purchase Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge. You can pay your utility bills, you can buy from thousands of products listed on Paytm.com website and many other. You can pay the differential amount in case you would like get mobile or DTH recharge for more amount than what you have in your
paytm wallet.